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Episode 24: Rob and Julie Have A Chat

May 31, 2022 Rob Tiedeken and Julie Basello Season 2 Episode 24
Radwell's Automation Nation
Episode 24: Rob and Julie Have A Chat
Show Notes


Welcome to Ep 24 of Radwell Automation Nation. 

In the previous 23 episodes of this podcast, we have shared a lot of information and had a variety of guests join us. We’ve introduced you to manufacturers. We’ve discussed topics relevant to the manufacturing industry with internal and external subject matter experts. We’ve discussed ways to solve operational problems. 

In this episode, we are going a little off the normal path. Not too far off but a bit off. 

Are you intrigued? Well, if you aren’t you should be. Because this episode is: Get to Know Your Hosts. And Rob and I are awesome. Right, Rob? 

Rob and I are going to have a discussion about a variety of topics, mostly related to business, to give you a behind the scenes look at who we are and what we bring to the table. 

When he isn’t co-hosting this podcast with me, Rob is the Branch Manager of Radwell’s location in Franklin, Indiana. He has been with Radwell for 15 years. He began his Radwell career in 2007 in the IT department as an IT Systems Administrator. He has a background in electronics, building network switching systems and surface mount circuit boards as well as a background in sales. Soon he assumed the role of IT Operations Manager with Radwell and absorbed the IT support team while building the Network infrastructure team. This team built Radwell’s Global network when the company expanded into Europe and Canada. 

IN 2014 he accepted the role as Branch Manager for the first expanded branch in the US in Indiana. He relocated his family, and worked to build the Indiana team, complete the build out of the operation we acquired, as well as growing the business. Radwell Indiana grew from $8 million in total revenue in 2014 to $27.4 million at the completion of 2021. 

Now let’s talk about Julie. 

Julie is in charge of Radwell’s Multimedia and has worked for Radwell for almost 8 years. 

She brings a lot of experience to her role at Radwell. She has been a professional photographer for many years and she is also a video content creator, a video producer, a writer, a podcaster, a small business social media and marketing coach and a voiceover artist. And that’s when she isn’t at work at Radwell. 

Prior to joining Radwell, she segued a successful corporate operations management career (in multiple industries) into owning and operating her own art gallery representing over 200 American artists. She also owned her own

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