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Episode 26: Reimagining the Role of Video (Guest-Sud Bhatija)

September 02, 2022 Sud Bhatija Season 2 Episode 26
Radwell's Automation Nation
Episode 26: Reimagining the Role of Video (Guest-Sud Bhatija)
Show Notes

Welcome to Ep 26 of Radwell Automation Nation. 

In this episode, we speak to Sud Bhatija, co-founder of Spot AI. Spot AI is a groundbreaking video intelligence company committed to being the easy button for video footage.

Sud is a physics major, turned growth executive and entrepreneur whose journey has taken him from India to Silicon Valley, in pursuit of personal purpose and uncovering technology that can change the world. Animated by the question “Why wouldn’t business owners who are used to looking at a $10 Amazon package on their front porch, also want to monitor the expensive equipment in their business?” Sud and his two co-founders were motivated to start their company Spot AI

 AI-enabled camera systems can provide so much more than just security — they can give you the critical real-time data and actionable insights you need to win in today’s hyper-competitive business landscape. Sud will share how he’s helped innovative companies like SpaceX gain an edge by transforming their outdated video security systems into modern video intelligence solutions. 

It’s a great topic that is certainly relevant in today’s business and especially manufacturing landscapes. 

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Guest: Sud Bhatija-Spot AI        https://www.spot.ai/

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