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Episode 2: 3D Printing (Guest Joe Waldman)

June 16, 2020 Radwell International Season 1 Episode 2
Radwell's Automation Nation
Episode 2: 3D Printing (Guest Joe Waldman)
Show Notes

Is 3D Printing Right For Your Operation?
In Radwell's Automation Nation podcast, Episode 2 , we discuss 3D printing and some tips to add 3D printing to an operation. 3D printing and additive manufacturing are interesting topics for a lot of people and not just in the industrial or manufacturing world. 
There are many operations that have probably wanted to implement 3D printing but haven’t added it because maybe they weren’t sure what they needed or how to make it all work. If you are one of those people, in the thinking stages of whether or not you want to implement 3D printing, this episode is for you. 
Our guest on this episode is Joe Waldman, a 3D printing specialist who works at Radwell headquarters in Willingboro, NJ. Joe walks us through the types of 3D printing as well as some basic steps for implementing 3D printing into an industrial operation. 

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