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Episode 4: Cybersecurity (Guest John Janthor)

August 17, 2020 Radwell International Season 1 Episode 4
Radwell's Automation Nation
Episode 4: Cybersecurity (Guest John Janthor)
Show Notes

Did you know that manufacturing is the 2nd most targeted industry by hackers? These days, addressing cybersecurity is more important than ever in any industry but especially in the manufacturing industry. Although IIoT and Industry 4.0 in manufacturing create many positive benefits for operations, they also create vulnerabilities within systems. These vulnerabilities make it possible for hackers to gain access to an organization’s systems, equipment and critical data. Because smart manufacturing often connects entire systems, this often allows hackers full system access unless there are proper protections in place. 
Joining us to discuss cybersecurity strategies for manufacturers is John Janthor, Vice President of Information Technology at Radwell International. 

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Guest: John Janthor, Vice President-Information Technology, Radwell International

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