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Episode 15: Is Manufacturing the Right Career Path? (Guests Dan Bigger and Tyler Troyano)

June 24, 2021 Radwell International Season 1 Episode 15
Radwell's Automation Nation
Episode 15: Is Manufacturing the Right Career Path? (Guests Dan Bigger and Tyler Troyano)
Show Notes

After graduation from high school, It’s time for real life decisions to be made. Many think that college is the inevitable path but trade school also offers career options. Though both college and trade school have their merits and their drawbacks, the real food for thought is whether a career in manufacturing might be the right move. 

The goal of both college and trade school is the same: to receive an education that leads to a career. Although college allows for exploring a range of options along with activities and community, trade school offers skill-based learning with solid job opportunities. Not only will trade school offer job opportunities but also less debt upon completion. 

In this episode we are going to discuss whether manufacturing might be the right career move for those entering the workforce. Today, jobs in manufacturing are in demand. The manufacturing industry is dealing with a skills gap. Left unabated, the manufacturing skills gap — which is now anticipated to leave 2.1 million jobs unfilled by 2030 — could cost the U.S. economy as much as $1 trillion. 

The skills gap in manufacturing is real. What is the skills gap? The “skills gap” is a gap between the skills existing within the workforce and the skills demanded by the labor market. 

Deloitte and The Manufacturing Institute’s report, “Creating pathways for tomorrow’s workforce today: Beyond reskilling in manufacturing,” explores new and prevailing contributors to the skills gap and outlines important steps manufacturers can take to attract and retain skilled and diverse workers, especially women and underrepresented minorities (URMs).

Given this information, should those entering the workforce not assume that college is the only answer for a successful career path? Could manufacturing be the right career path? In this episode,  Julie and Rob will be discussing this topic with Manufacturing Expert, Dan Bigger and HR Recruiter, Tyler Troyano. 


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