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Episode 16: Making the Internet Work for Your Manufacturing Business (Nigel Packer)

August 30, 2021 Nigel T. Packer Season 2 Episode 16
Radwell's Automation Nation
Episode 16: Making the Internet Work for Your Manufacturing Business (Nigel Packer)
Show Notes

In today’s episode we speak to an industry expert about the digital struggles manufacturers may face and how to work through those struggles in order to make the internet work for a manufacturing operation. 

Our expert guest for this episode is Nigel T. Packer of PelaTis Online Ltd. 

Nigel is a Digital Customer Experience Trainer and Consultant.  He is also an author and digital business speaker. For over twenty-five years he has used his extensive knowledge and broad range of experiences to engage, educate and entertain business owners and audiences across the UK, Europe and US.

His subject expertise includes customer experience optimization, customer experience journey mapping, e-Business strategies, effective website development, and International digital business strategy.  He heads a consultancy practice called PelaTis Online Ltd.

Nigel is also an in-demand presenter and has delivered seminars and speeches to audiences in many countries. His enthusiasm and knowledge of internet strategy is shared with the audience in a practical and informative way, in presentations that are both engaging and entertaining. He takes a straightforward approach, using non-technical language – even when dealing with technical issues. Full of insights and real-world observations, practical techniques and actionable strategies, the focus is on “doing business using the Internet as a tool”. Nigel is the Author of 'Internet Marketing: How to get a Website That Works For Your Business' and his current book in progress is called Customer Experience Optimization.  

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 Guest:  Nigel T. Packer



T Shaped Person: https://corporatefinanceinstitute.com/resources/careers/soft-skills/t-shaped-skills/

10th Man Principle: https://www.strive.com/post/the-10th-man-rule

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