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Episode 18: Waste Management Tips for IT Assets (Guest Chris Regan)

October 29, 2021 Chris Regan Season 2 Episode 18
Radwell's Automation Nation
Episode 18: Waste Management Tips for IT Assets (Guest Chris Regan)
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Today’s topic is definitely important in the business world and especially in the manufacturing world. All those PLCs that are in use in an industrial automation environment may, at some point, need to be disposed of. Do you know the proper way to manage your manufacturing IT assets when it’s time to dispose of them?

Joining us for today’s episode is Chris Regan, President and Founder of CLR Solutions. CLR Solutions is a specialized electronic recycling/refurbishing and data security services firm. When it comes to data security, having peace of mind is important. CLR Solutions has a mission: to be a trusted partner in data management and security for their customers.
Chris has had a passion for technology and a mouse in his hand since he was six years old. According to his bio, the only thing he is more passionate about than technology is helping his clients recover as much of their investment in IT assets as possible. For the majority of his career, Chris has worked in various areas of IT. He has a B.A. in Information Technology and Management Information Systems, and an M.S. in Organization Management – both from NJIT.

Chris established CLR Solutions in 2008, and quickly achieved status as an official Microsoft Registered Refurbisher. CLR is also NAID and Department of Defense certified. As a result of Chris’ passion, dedication, and leadership, CLR Solutions has emerged as a leader in IT Asset Management, Data Security, and Investment Recovery.

In this episode, Chris discusses waste management security for IT equipment in a manufacturing environment. He provides some tips for plant managers to help manage this sensitive but important area of operations.

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Chris Regan, President and Founder of CLR Solutions

CLR Solutions

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