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Episode 21: Aviation Engineering Opportunities (Guest Mike Bonto)

February 01, 2022 Michael Bonto Season 2 Episode 21
Radwell's Automation Nation
Episode 21: Aviation Engineering Opportunities (Guest Mike Bonto)
Show Notes

 Welcome to Ep 21 of Radwell Automation Nation. 

In this episode, we are going to talk about something that recently came across my radar as an interesting topic. I spoke to Rob about it and we figured out listeners might find the topic interesting as well. So here we are. 

Our guest in this episode is Michael Bonto and our topic is aviation opportunities for engineers. Let’s give Mike a proper introduction. 

Ever since he can remember, Mike’s been fascinated by any type of aircraft or anything aerospace related. In 1987, he took his first intro ride in a single engine two seat airplane, which led to him eventually earning his pilot certificate and ratings. Since then, he has always been involved in aviation directly or indirectly. It has taken him through many wonderful experiences, from meeting and interacting with aviation professionals, private pilots, and fun flights to running a flying club and flying school. 

Mike currently runs a program for Innovation Engineering in Aeronautics. The program is South Jersey Aero Foundation. The goal of this program is to inspire the further pursuit of a career in aviation and aeronautical engineering while developing the necessary foundation of technological and analytical skills. This will be achieved through the completion of small projects designed to introduce current technologies that are directly applicable to problems in aviation. 

If anyone is qualified to discuss opportunities for engineers in the aviation field, it’s definitely Mike Bonto. 

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